Persuasive Essay On First Aid

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Now a day Tourism industry grown steadily in many country and tourist come to other country for travel, relaxing, business, and act. Phuket is a big island in Thailand and there are many attraction and activity for attract tourist come to visited such as swimming on the beach, snorkeling, ride bicycle for looking scenery or tour around Phuket and act. Accident cause from many activity so we should know about first aid and CPR for help victim. First aid is basic medical treatment that is given to someone as soon as possible after they have been hurt in an accident or suddenly become ill, 2 way of basic first (1). First way is Performing the three Cs - Check the surroundings. Evaluate the situation. Are there things that might put you at risk of harm? Are you or the victim threatened by fire, toxic smoke or gasses, an unstable building, live electrical wires or other dangerous…show more content…
First aid becomes useless if you can 't safely perform it without hurting yourself. - Call for help. Call authorities or emergency services immediately if you believe someone to be seriously injured. If you are the only person on the scene, try to establish breathing in the patient before calling for help. Do not leave the victim alone for an extensive amount of time. - Care for the person. Caring for someone who has just gone through serious trauma includes both physical treatment and emotional support. Remember to stay calm and try to be reassuring; let the person know that help is on its way and that everything will be alright. The second way is Caring for an unconscious person - Determine responsiveness. If a person is unconscious, try to rouse them by gently tickling their bare hands and feet or by speaking to them. If they do not respond to activity, sound, touch, or other stimulation, determine whether they are

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