Persuasive Essay On Flavored Milk

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Flavored milk seems amazing! Orange, strawberry, root beer, oh my! Wait a second, root beer? Schools sell root beer for milk! Flavored milk has so much sugar to make someone go bonkers for about 5 hours! Schools should take out flavored milk from school lunches for good. Schools are place for learning. One 8 oz. cup of flavored milk is equivalent to 8 pounds of sugar. Do we really want that much sugar for your child in the morning/afternoon time? Let’s take out the sugar and flavored milk in your child’s meal today.

Children seem to LOVE flavored milk! Though, would they change their perspective if they had the information they have now? Chocolate milk, a kind of flavored milk, has the equivalence of 8 (ounce) pounds of sugar. All this sugar could make a child go bonkers for about 5 hours. Not great for the caregiver, though the after effect is even worse. Once the kids have all this sugar, they will start to get weaker and slow down. In the text it states,” Chocolate milk is not the nutritional equivalent of regular milk.” If you don’t have a nutritional drink then it can make your day seem to go a lot slower. If you have this much sugar added to a school lunch daily, it might affect learning because all they can think about
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Do people actually know what is in chocolate/flavored milk though? In an expert from the article “Should Flavored Milk be Available in Schools”, it tells the readers that there are many different kinds of flavored milks with many different kinds of ingredients included. Some milk has reduced levels of fat, on the other hand most don’t. Schools offer different kinds of milk that that are not even milk! Ever heard of dulce de leche? It 's “milk” that is filled with caramel in it! That is one out of many examples on unhealthy milk choices for students. Do you want to to be the one who is ruining milk for kids in the present and
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