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As any experienced fly fisherman will tell you, choosing the right fly box can be an exercise in patience. Though most of them seem similar at first glance, each fly box is generally designed for a different task. If you're a dry fly angler, you'll want a compartment box to make sure your hackles don't get crushed. If you need a box for streamers or nymphs, you should pay attention to the foam strips. Do you want your box to have clear sides? Should it be waterproof? In order to make your life somewhat easier, we've made a list of six of the best fly boxes on the market today. 1. Max 432 Fly Box If you have exactly 432 flies and are looking for a place to store them, this box is for you! If you have less than that, well, the Max 432 Fly Box is still a good all-in-one product. As the name suggests, it can hold up to 432 flies of all types and varieties. The box is covered with precision slit foam on both the inside and the outside shell. This…show more content…
Given that it also lets you save some space, it's certainly a good value buy in this category. 6. Umpqua Magnum Dry Fly Box Finally, we have this specialized double-sided dry fly box. One side is designed for high profile dry fly patterns like parachutes and hoppers, while the other one holds enough space for hundreds of standard-sized dry flies. Of course, all this capacity means the product is larger than most other dry fly cases. Still, at 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.25 inches, the box is not oppressively heavy. This is another box with a see-through lid, which allows for quick identification. The lid is deep enough to ensure your hoppers won't get smashed. The O-ring technology is pretty much a guarantee that your flies will be safely tucked away. If you're looking for the best dry fly box for your money, this one easily qualifies. With its durable and weatherproof design, it should serve you well for years to

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