Argumentative Essay On Fast Food

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The home of the free and the brave are words often used when describing America. America is a country that has been romanticized since its creation, leading on the idea that everyone is equal. Citizens boast about equality and freedom, yet many in America don’t have equal access to healthy, non processed food. A food desert is an area with a lack of supermarkets. The absence of supermarkets causes crisis in America to many people, because then they can’t access healthy affordable food, only fast food, leading to obesity (Food Desert Statistics). Food deserts cause obesity specifically in poor communities of African Americans and Latinos. The government needs resolve the obesity epidemic caused by food deserts. In order to decrease the obesity rate in areas that lack supermarkets and have surplus of fast food restaurants, laws need to be put in place to deter fast food restaurants, educate people about eating healthy and make accessing healthy foods easier.…show more content…
Laws increasing taxes on fast food restaurants in food desert areas will help solve the problem of overpopulation of fast food restaurants. The new tax laws would discourage fast food restaurants from opening and selling product. To give people fresh, healthy food, laws would help fund government owned super markets that would sell cost efficient healthy food to the people. By having the government owning the super markets the healthy food would never be over priced and thus accessible to everyone. With the decrease in fast food options and increase in healthy affordable food options, the people in the food desert would be forced to eat healthy. While eating right is part of being healthy, education is key. The government would create an organization that would send out information through the radio, social media and classes teaching adults and children how to cook healthy foods, eat healthy and get

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