Persuasive Essay On Food Waste

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As the venerated Pope Francis once stated, “Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of those who are poor and hungry.” In recent years, a global dilemma has become increasingly alarming: the food waste epidemic. The Newsela articles, ‘U.S. Throws Away Half of All Food Produce’, ‘America is Saving Tons of Food, Thanks to a Student Volunteer’s Great Idea’, and ‘Would you eat food made with ‘trash?’’, although grazing upon different aspects of the same topic, share a similar conclusive idea: food waste is a problem that needs to be solved. Whether the production of food waste is a result of ignorance or expiration is uncertain. Regardless, at the acme of the situation, nearly sixty-six tons of food is wasted yearly. Numerous proposals have been conveyed as a solution to this monumental crisis; these methods, however, were quickly proven inefficient or superficial. Admittedly, not all suggested action points have been complete failures. In fact, some organizations, such as Imperfect Produce, a delivery service dedicated to encouraging society to eat flawed vegetation, have been local successes. Nonetheless, a problem this titanic requires a solution of equal size; small victories may still be triumphs, but will ultimately not resolve a worldwide quandary. Although there have been many proposed plans as to end the food waste epidemic, the most effective solution would be to reduce selective eating. To begin, the majority of crops grown go to waste because many
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