Persuasive Essay On Food Waste

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The world is experiencing a dilemma today. Many people suffer from hunger, malnutrition, and other problems caused by the lack of sufficient food. However, many other people buy or order excessive foods and waste a lot. In my community, food waste is much more serious than food shortage, and it is easy to see that people throw foods in the dustbin and the foods indeed are still eatable. Food waste is a serious problem. It not only wastes money but also causes some environmental problems, such as pollution and rats. However, many people do not realize the problem now. Considering that food waste is troubling, it is important to initiate a movement to motivate residents to reduce food waste, and the movement can be carried out through reeducatice and facilitative strategies.
Food waste is a significant food-related issue in my community as well as many other communities and cities. Around the world, about one-third of the food that we produce is wasted and the food wasted can feed more than 1.6 billion people (Royte, 2016). Food waste is an economic issue. In developed countries, consumers make a great contribution to food waste. In the United States, about 40% of the food is wasted and a four-person family loses $4 per day on waste food and the amount is about $1500 per year (Save the Food). If people can stop wasting money, they can use the money to improve their life in other aspects, such as entertainment, education, and health. Additionally, food waste can cause many

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