Toe Snails Persuasive Essay

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Is a hot sunny day in Florida and I decided to go and get some ice cream with some of my friends when suddenly, while enjoying my ice cream I seen something traumatizing, horrific, and Absolutely disgusting that I would’ve thrown up if I didn’t get up and moved to another table. The thing that annoys me the most is when people walk around in public with ugly crusty looking toenails and walk around like nothing is wrong with those toes. I Believe that there should be a law made for everyone to get a pedicure done every two weeks or once the toenails start look ugly. If the people decide Not to get a pedicure done every two weeks their toes would get cut off. The Law will work like this; every person a man, women, and even children’s who have disgusting toenails will make an appointment for a “heavy duty” pedicure. But if for whatever reason they decide Not to get a heavy-duty pedicure, they will go to a special clinic get…show more content…
In this case of disgusting toenails; some people may have a thing with people’s feet, a foot fetish to be exact. With a foot fetishism is a variant of sexual behavior in which a person is strongly attracted to feet. Most likely majority of the adults are the ones with ugly toenails; but if an adult is single and ready to mingle then they must make sure they have nice feet with cute toenails because if they find someone with a foot fetish then they don’t King Kong’s toenails and feet to look better your own and stay single for all eternity. A huge problem is summer days in Florida; throughout the whole year, 365 days majority of the year is really hot the tempeture is nearly at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. During those hot days people wear open toe shows for a way to be in style and not feel that much heat, so absolutely it is not acceptable for ugly toenails to be showed off to the public in any
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