Persuasive Essay On Football And War

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America loves war, and America loves football. However, these two things are not promoted because of their cause, they are promoted because of their effect. Football is not promoted in America because it is healthy and entertaining, just as war is not promoted in America because it is necessary and just. Instead, football and war are promoted in America because of their effect: they maintain the status quo. Football, especially at the college level, prays on the dreams of poor Americans, while using their skills to profit team owners and college coaches. War,or military spending in general, has been used as a way to promote capitalism, free trade, and American ideal globally, ideas that assist both American corporations and American politicians. America’s lust for war and focus on football are near identical, because both are designed to keep America’s powerful powerful, and America 's poor poor. On January twelfth, 2017, President Trump signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018, an appropriations bill funding the military with 70 billion dollars more than asked for by the President ( Exactly a month earlier, when the same bill passed the senate, Senator Bernie Sanders, one of the eight no votes (, tweeted “Instead of spending another $70 billion on the military, we could be helping millions of students by making public colleges tuition-free” ( This is a direct example of the United States
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