Persuasive Essay On Forcing The Police

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In today 's society when we watch the news the instant a cop has an incident with a person of some minority group it’s a sure bet it will be on the headlines for everyone to see. This sparks public outrage and there are protests throughout the country and extremists are challenging the police. Then we hear some political or popular figure make a speech telling everyone to calm or blames the police. But what about the cops side of the story, even though there are some crooked cops not all of them are bad. A good portion of the time the suspect makes a spectacle of themselves, forcing the cops to act. Just about every suspect will say they were pulled over for racist reasons. For extreme crimes, the cop cop is demonized for doing his job. Instead of going only off what we are told, we need to look into the matter ourselves and stop demonizing them because it doesn’t help. Reports say that…show more content…
Most of the time the cop is trying to do his job, but when they do, to the best to their ability, they get scolded. This would discourage future cops from entering service and without those to enforce the law the law can’t take place. Without law there will be disorder and our country would crumble. America, as a nation, is the top superpower of the world that is suppose to support the right thing. If the problem on the homefront is taken care of there probably won’t be an America anymore, just a uncivilized mass at constant war. In all honesty if we want this problem between minorities to end people need to be more respectful and reduce the amount of crooked cops that enter service. Whenever a cop pulls you over, instead of panicking, get your ID ready and hands on the steering wheel. Don’t make any sudden movement or attempt to open the door. The policeman doesn’t know what you’re planning and probably thinking that you’re going to attack or make a run for the
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