Persuasive Essay On Forest Fire

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Forest fires have eaten away at wild life for years and will continue to run their course through the vastness of the United States, however the idea that humans should simply leave the forests alone to burn how they please is not a smart one.The United States Forest Service should continue thinning out forests and setting small fires to decrease the effect that these fires have on the nation. The fire that rushes through the nation when the weather gets dry and warm is not only destroying the forests, but is also destroying American homes. This year alone over five million acres of land have been destroyed by wildfires. Although that is a large amount of area, that number has decreased from the year before which spouts over nine million…show more content…
This method is also useful to cutting down the amount of wildfires because it discourages the buildup of vegetation. With less built up vegetation the likelihood of fires starting in areas of the country, with dry and warmer climates, will decrease; this is because there will be less fuel for a fire when the climate is conducive to wildfires. New studies on forest fires have shown that simply leaving the forests alone is better for the environment;they say that what has happened naturally since the apparition of land covered in mass quantities of trees should be left alone because it is conducive for the growth of smaller vegetation and the natural cycle of life in ecosystems . Although this may be true , hundreds of homes are burned each year by uncontained forest fires simply left alone . The efforts the U.S. Forest Service takes to prevent wildfires also prevents the destruction of American homes. Even though it may seem like a good idea to let forest fires burn without human intervention or suppression, the facts are that natural fires destroy hundreds of homes each year .The U.S. Forest service is beneficial because it has brought the number of homes and land burned down
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