Persuasive Essay On Forgiveness

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Forgiveness – Forgive people who done wrong. Always give second chance. You are guided by mercy and not revenge. When you forgive you become positive e.g. kind etc. and we create peace.
I chose the virtue forgiveness because I think it is a very important virtue in life. If we wouldn’t forgive people then there would be constant wars between everyone and about everything. If people would get mad at foolish things and not forgive then it would be completely different. Everyone would be lonely and wouldn’t have any friends.
- Mr. P forgives Arnold after he threw the book at his face because he says that he was killing Indian’s hope and was hitting them and was also doing other bad things to them so now and he understands why Arnold did it. Mr. P thinks Arnold did it cause he has hope and doesn’t want to give up but doesn’t know how to use it.
- Arnold forgives his dad that he run away for Christmas with the money they had and just got drunk and spent all the money in a casino. Arnold got as a Christmas present from his dad 5$ that were damp and that were wrinkled. But he still was happy cause his dad could have spent them but he left them especially for him and he felt special. “The beautiful and ugly gift” said by Arnold about the 5 dollar bill.
The story that I chose for the virtue forgiveness in the worldwide community is about a husband that was cheating on a wife. The husband was cheating on her for 4 months with one of his workers. When the wife found out

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