Persuasive Essay On Forgiving Parents

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Here are some thoughts to help the healing begin:

Resolve resentment. Nursing resentment towards a parent does more than keep that parent in an old-age home. We get stuck there too, forever the child, the victim, the have-not in the realm of love. Strange as it may seem, a grudge is a kind of clinging, a way of not separating, and when we hold a grudge against a parent, we are clinging not just to the parent, but more specifically to the awful part of the parent. It’s as if we don’t want to live our lives until we have this resolved and feel the security of their unconditional love. We do so for good reasons psycho-logically. The result is just the opposite: We stay locked into the awful part and we don’t grow up.

Develop realistic expectations. The wrongdoings of parents are among the most difficult to forgive. We expect the world of them, and we don’t wish to
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Even Santa comes with a clause.


I know that forgiving parents can be tricky because of the emotional ties and long history, but besides a few extra issues to navigate, we’ve the gift of forgiveness to help ourselves and not to endanger us. For-giveness does not equate to ‘overlook all hurts and act like it never hap-pened’.

Forgiveness does not mean it’s suddenly all smiles, winks, nods, and let’s be buddy-buddy. More than that, forgiveness actually acknowl-edges what happened, calls it an intrusion, and removes the knife from the wound. God/universe doesn’t want the idea of forgiving someone to be either ultra-romantic or a forced obligation.

Please understand that your parents act the way they do because of an entire lifetime behind them. I remember that my friend’s mom was un-reasonably over-protective, but my friend was supernaturally patient with her. When I asked my friend about his patience, he said, “When my mom was a kid, she had met with a fatal car accident along with her

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