Fossil Fuels: Renewable Energy In The United States

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Fossil fuels have for decades been a main source of energy for the United States, However such nonrenewable energy has managed to decimate the environment by weakening the ozone and increase global temperatures. The issue at hand is that these fuels are at the foundation of the U.S. economy and removing them would ruin countless businesses and leave thousands, if not millions, jobless as well as harm U.S. infrastructure. Altogether they are tightly integrated in society and have proven difficult to remove. Although some argue that it is unrealistic to expect corporations to end the burning of fossil fuels for the purpose of benefiting the environment, such corporations should be legally penalized because temperatures are rapidly rising and…show more content…
Although simple in theory, making a steam engine was proving to be more difficult than he had predicted. Finally though, in 1698 he patents a hand operated pump used to raise water from mines using the suction that forms when steam condenses. This was quite a basic version of the steam engine that would later come. Another Englishman responsible for innovating the it was Thomas Newcomen, who in 1712 developed a far more efficient engine that had a piston to “separate the condensing steam”(Kintisch) from the water yet to be boiled. The man responsible for inventing the modern form of the steam engine that America (with minor changes) still uses today was James Watt. After reviewing both Savery’s and Newcomen’s designs, Watt greatly improved on the engine 's efficiency by “adding a separate”(Kintisch) condenser to avoid overheating which could warp the cylinder after each stroke and dramatically shorten the engine’s lifespan. Although the steam engine was one of the industrial revolution’s greatest designs as it was used to power a large majority of the machinery at the time, it later was outdone by an even more successful invention; “the internal combustion engine”(Bliss). This revolutionary piece of machinery was invented in 1872 by Nikolaus Otto and quickly became the most popular engine in…show more content…
For example, today, Alternative energy supplies “less than 7 percent of U.S. consumption.” This is only one first world country, imagine if every country became a first world country. That enormous demand for energy simply cannot be provided with today 's alternative solutions. For these reasons, opponents argue that it is more reliable to invest in discovering more oil rather than experimenting with expensive alternative solutions. Furthermore, the U.S. already has the means to efficiently process oil unlike new alternative solutions. Although it is a valid point that Fossil Fuels are easier to power America with due to years of experimentation, the environmental drawbacks out way the gain. Essentially, if America invested more into experimentation with renewable energy it could be perfected and suited for the growing need. For this reason, opponents argue that it will ultimately be more cost effective to invest in the development of sustainable energy. Furthermore, renewable energy is cheaper to sustain once properly integrated with global infrastructure. Ultimately, Renewable energy (with enough effort) can potentially keep up with energy
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