Persuasive Essay On Foster Care

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Most children’s first words are “Mama” or “Dada.” So what happens to the children who are ripped from their homes, from the only life they have known? The foster care system has been taking children from their homes since 1912, but has it really done any good? Sadly, “40 percetn of these children put into out-of-home care facilities never return to their parents. More than half will be away for at least a year and the majority will have multiple placements, some in as many as 15 different homes” (Horrors of the Non Home). Is what the foster care system is doing really helping these children or are they just setting them up for failure? Although many people feel that the foster care system is the best solution, many nationwide organizations feel that family preservation efforts are more necessary for today’s society. The foster system began in England during the 17th century and was created to help the rich adopt the poor orphans within their community and give them the help they needed. Within months, the laws set in place with the creation of the system had been bent and broken. The foster system has been failing these kids since it was created. Why has nothing productive been done to help reform this clearly broken system? The need for foster care has only increased since its introduction to America in 1912, but the care it provides has only become worse. This system was created to help the poor kids, the kids who are left at a disadvantage and are not provided with the

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