Persuasive Essay On Four Day School Day

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Saving money along with better test score while taking a day off of school sounds great, so why not do it? In some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars can be saved in a four-day school day rather than a five-day. It can be very efficient if students and teachers are on task use every minute given to understand what is going on in the classroom and allowing the students to work on it on their off day. Not only does it help with money, but Test scores and absences with sports. When is comes to saving money from a four-day school week it is simple because their are so many ways to do so. Since your not going to school for an extra day it saves a days worth of fuel, energy, and time. Depending on where the money goes to help varies on the money saved (Ray). Over a year this could end up being a substantial amount of money according to the superintendent of Warroad Public schools “ a shorter week save the district $1.2 million over a six year period”…show more content…
With kids that are in sports and other activities or kids enjoy cheering on their team,it is hard for kids to stay under the limit of days missed to actually pass the class (Denisco). The four-day school week eliminates these circumstances with Friday off. Not only does this benefit people who are in sports it help kids that have doctors appointments but don't want to miss school because of it. It gives parents the option to set times away with out having their children to make up school. According to the Superintendent of White Pine School District Bob Dolezal “Closing schools on Fridays would allow students to travel to ballgames on the road without having to miss instructional time…students attendance has increased by 40 percent” (Weldon). In many more ways than one four-day school weeks benefits mostly everybody especially the students and isn't that what school is all
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