Persuasive Essay On Fox Hunting

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Do you like vermin lingering around the streets? I suspect you don’t. Do you have any idea how many foxes are around lately? The fox population is increasing day by day and it is a nuisance to farmers and eventually to the metropolitans living in the urban areas as well. Fox hunting is a traditional sport which is enjoyed by the masses of British people. It is also a great way to control the unsolicited fox population.

Some of your animal ardent friends may claim this act is just immoral. I agree; foxes can be a total menace, but every living being has the right to exist. So, why not just let the foxes run free? The British countryside is not a natural construct and, as there are no wolves in Britain, foxes have no natural predators. So they need to be managed. By managed, I mean selectively killed until their numbers are not a problem for us humans and also for other wildlife and livestock animals.

For starters, there are some very practical point we need to adhere. First, there is no nice way to kill foxes. If you lay out traps (and pay no attention to it daily), the foxes will often die slowly and in torment. If you shoot them from a distance, you often only injure them – they just limp off to die in anguish. If you poison them, their
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This is only 5% of the fox population. It is ironic how our ‘carnivores’ friends also protest that fox hunting is unethical! They eat fish. They eat chicken. Over 50,000 fish are killed by the time you finish reading this sentence. When fishes are caught, they are dragged up and suffocated. Imagine the pain fishes go through. Those animals are killed as well. Am I right? Nobody protests about them, but on these worthless foxes. Poor fishes… Foxes on the other hand die as soon a hound bite the back of the neck; then shot. Negligible pain. Apparently it’s mediocre to wipe out the fishes since we consume them, but not foxes because we don’t consume them or use their
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