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Why pay for a checking account when so many banks and financial companies offer them for free? All of the companies and organizations on this article offer free checking accounts. Some of them ask that your first deposit be a certain size, but none of them charge you to open or maintain the account. Now that the global economic downturn is a thing of the past, only the strong (or subsidized) organizations remain, which means it is a good time to start opening free checking accounts whilst they are still free.

We give you then our picks for the top 10 best free checking accounts available in 2015. For the vast majority of you, one of these accounts is THE account for you if you are looking for a free checking account. We encourage you though
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Online banking
You should be able to check your balance, pay people/companies online, and transfer money online. A modern checking account should have online banking/features, if it does not, then avoid it.
Checking account tools
The best checking accounts have tools to help their users. The tools range from online check deposits, apps, budgeting tools, payment tools, and many more.
Tech savvy accounts
As you will see by the checking accounts listed on this article, there are some companies that seamlessly integrate technology into their accounts, such as with photo-check deposits, balance streaming via apps, and mobile integration.
Paying you interest
A financial company should have to work to get your account, which is why the best checking accounts are both free and will pay you interest on your money. Keep in mind that checking accounts (and usually the free ones), typically won’t pay you that much interest. If you want higher interest rates, you will want to look at either a high interest savings account where you cannot touch your money for a period of time specified or put your money into an investment portfolio for better
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