Persuasive Essay On Free College Tuition

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Free College Tuition: About 70 percent of students are in debt from taking out loans to try to pay for their college tuition. The average debt per college student is about $30,000. The first two years of college should be free. In the first two years of college, we are practically relearning everything that we have already learned in high school. It's completely ludicrous to make us pay for classes that we already know the material for. Paying for the first two years of college leads to more debt for not only yourself, but the college that you choose as well. In America, 70% of college students are in debt. To be more specific we are currently $1.2 trillion in student debt. The reason being is because college is just simply to expensive. College students make roughly $1,400 a month and about $10, 200 every year. $10,00 dollars isn’t nearly enough money to pay for four or more years of college. “Making college free would have one additional benefit: It would drive the for-profit schools out of business. They now enroll 13 percent of those currently attending American colleges, or 2 million students.” Radical Futures stated in their article, making tuition free will drive people to go to college. Making the first two years of college free would cut some of the debt for students in college. Truly, the main reason people aren’t going to college is…show more content…
If we do have to take those classes they should either be free or completely optional. It's a waste of time and money to sit through a lecture that has absolutely nothing to do with our career choice. Also, if the first 2 years of college were free, it would close the gap between the number of people who go to college and the number of people who don’t. Not only that but it would actually encourage people to seek a bachelor's degree because they know they'd only have to pay for 2 more
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