Persuasive Essay On Free Screen Time

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Less Screen Time Makes for a Better Teen “Today, children and teenagers spend more than seven and a half hours a day using smartphones, computers, televisions and other electronic screens.” (Jones). Too much screen time is having an adverse effect on teens’ everyday lives. Since they have to sit down and watch TV or sit down to play video games they are not getting enough daily activity. Also spending time on devices instead of homework is bringing their grades down. Lastly teens are having difficulty communicating with people in the real world. Parents should limit teen’s screen time because it is affecting teen’s health, teen’s grades, and teen’s communication in the real world. Parents should limit screen time for their teen because it is affecting…show more content…
“After just 30 minutes of screen time a day, researchers saw that children’s grades began a steady decline. After two hours of it, researchers observed a dramatic drop in grades, and after four hours a day, the average GPA fell an entire grade level.” (Adams). This could be because teens are so focused on what is happening on the other side of their phone and not what is happening in front of them. So instead of working on a project and getting it completed, they constantly check their phone which could make teens less focused on their project. This could affect their grade in multiple ways because if they are non concentrated on their project they will not get it completed by the due date. If they do not get it completed by the due date it can result in a lower grade than if it was turned in on the due date. Also another reason too much screen time is affecting their grades is when they are in the classrooms at school. Since most teens are constantly texting or checking social media while in class it can bring their grade down if they are not paying attention to the facilitator. Missing concluding
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