Persuasive Essay On Freedom

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"The Bill of Rights stands as the undebatable hallmark of the American moral compass; we take pride in our freedoms to say and believe what we choose. However, the definition of “free speech” has become convoluted; unclear with the addition of new platforms, namely, the internet. With the ability to say whatever you want brings both a canvas for crafting ideas and meeting new people, or a podium for hate. The hate tends to pose a huge problem, and recently, arguments have sparked over how much involvement the government should have in internet affairs. Is the government justified in monitoring people’s internet activity? Should certain media outlets be censored in the hopes of creating a less hostile and conversational landscape? The issue strays far from black and white. However, he internet works as an open sphere of communication, information and ideas, highlighting the people’s natural rights, and shouldn’t be limited. It’s one thing to monitor the web for violent sentiments or weed out potential terrorists, but the line is drawn at blatant censorship. A problem with enforcing any sort of regulation over the internet, specifically in this country, revolves around this assumption that the freedom of speech protects any actions on the internet, since the majority of those actions end up just being words. Of course, this argument becomes null in the context of the outside world, where the freedom of speech doesn’t protect someone who shouts “fire” in a
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