Persuasive Essay On Freedom Of Religion

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Freedom of religion is one of the most controversial topics in America today. Religion in the public square should be allowed. Freedom of Religion is a right that Americans have, so people can worship where and how they please. Many feel it is okay to practice your religion in public, while others feel it may offend other people practicing a different religion. Some countries have state sponsered religions, but here in the US most claim to be Christian. Even with most claiming to be Christian there are serveral denominations inside the Christian unbrella. That’s not to mention the Jewish faith, Muslim faith, and Native Americans spiritual faith. With that being said prayer in the workplace becomes very difficult because it’s hard to not offend someone. Church and State in the United States should be separate. The government should not be allowed to say what a preacher can or can not preach. "The doctrine of separation between church and state has been abused, twisted, and taken out of context in recent court decisions in order to prevent the public worship and acknowledgement of God.”, as stated in Arkansas Traveler Portal. In the world we live in today people twist every word they can get their hands on to mold it into what they want to believe. What preachers’ preach in their sermons is their business. The government does not have the right to control that area of business. Freedom of Speech was granted to us in the Bill of Rights, therefore preachers’ can say what
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