Persuasive Essay On Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of Speech In modern society, the First Amendment’s freedom of speech is being questioned. Schools are debating the fact if it is constitutional and fair to limit students’ speech online, in and outside of school. The Supreme Court has established limits on freedom of speech when it creates panic, is used to start a fight, conflicts with other important interests, uses obscenity, and can be limited based on the time, place, and manner (Background Essay). Schools are unsure whether cyberbullying and speech online fit these limitations and if they don’t fit them , if they should. Schools should be allowed to limit students’ online speech because many people can be affected by it, cyber bullying disrupts learning, and teens can be physically and emotionally hurt. The number of people affected by cyberbullying promotes schools limiting speech. On average 25.1% of females and 16.6% of males have been cyberbullied (Doc A). This shows many people are affected, so it’s important to decrease these numbers. Limiting speech could tremendously decrease the number of students cyberbullied starting with this generation of teens and many more to come in the future. Not only are students bullying each other, 15.1% of teachers have been cyberbullied and 44.2% of this bullying was done by pupils (Doc B). This is no longer an issue just regarding the well-being of students as it also affects the faculty. When the faculty is hurt, it can also transfer over to how positive the school

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