Why People Join A Gang

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Being a gang member is not at all that fun as it seems to be, which is something that kids realize once they get involved and find out that the money, cars, girls, and protection is more of a myth than reality. No one really knows when or who created the first gang, but now no one really cares. Gangs will be created whenever and wherever, and most people never know why. Many gangs are having young people join it who are involved with horrible violence and quiet a few people don’t even know why. Various members in a gang are quite young. Seventy-one percent of gang members are between the ages fifteen through twenty-four (“Gang Survey”). These people are either still in high school or should be going to college, but instead are in something…show more content…
Others like Eminem came from the bottom and raised to the top. Just because they are below most of society doesn’t mean they will join a gang. Some people join gangs because it is for fellowship or brotherhood. A majority of gangs have people that have known each other since a very young age. Gangs are basically a family if you really think about it. Others would join because they need protection. They probably got themselves into something not good and need someone to protect them and/or their families. It’s easy to join a gang but not as easy to leave one if you just wanted to join it for protection. Also, these kids come from at the bottom of society. They probably feel like nothing or are made to feel weak. Being apart of something makes someone feel better about themselves, but being a part of something big makes them feel great. When you join a gang, you feel stronger and more powerful, something these kids thrive…show more content…
It’s very bad that the FBI got involved with it. “The FBI’s Safe Streets and Gang Unit administers 160 Violent Gang Safe Streets Task Forces nationwide, staffed by nearly 850 FBI agents, more than 1,500 state and local law enforcement personnel, and nearly 100 other federal law enforcement agents,” (“Violent Crimes”). Eighty-three percent of gangs are street gangs. They came from the street and are quite violent. Most street gangs fight one another because the other has somehow “disrespected” them. They get into these pointless fights and hurt others in the battle. They would go after family members in that gangs and would even kill each other for these fights, no wonder the FBI is involved. Fifty-seven percent of gangs are drug gangs. They create drugs, transport them, and sell them to others. Sometimes they would even cross country borders just to get the drugs inside. This is how these gangs make money too because they didn’t have a good

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