Persuasive Essay On Gay Adoption

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Adoption is a legal agreement in which an adult takes parental responsibility for a child of other parents. As of right now there are around 397,122 children living without permanent families in the American foster care system. Almost half of the children in the foster care system are actually eligible for adoption (Farrell and Flynn). Along with many other couples, people of the LGBT community would love to adopt. A person’s sexuality should not determine whether or not the person can adopt a child who needs a home. Although the issue on lesbian and gay adoption is still very controversial, it has become more socially accepted. If the issue is accepted by the majority of the people why shouldn’t it be legal everywhere? From 1992-2014 the percent of people who believed same-sex couples should be able to adopt went up by thirty four percent (Farrell and Flynn). Also, according to The Pew Research Center in 1996 fifty seven percent of americans opposed to same-sex adoption, but in 2006 that number went from fifty seven percent to only forty eight percent (Chittom and Wagner). This research proves that more than half of people are okay with same-sex adoption. Secondly, homosexual couples are just as capable to raise children as hetrosexual couples if not more. Unlike hetrosexual couples it is impossible to concieve a child by “accident” in a homosexual relationship. If a homosexual couple wants to adopt there are many challenges they will have to face.

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