Persuasive Essay On Same Sex Adoption

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Adoption is a legal agreement in which an adult takes parental responsibility for a child of other parents. As of right now there are around 397,122 children living without permanent families in the American foster care system. Almost half of the children in the foster care system are actually eligible for adoption (Farrell and Flynn). Along with many other couples, people of the LGBT community would love to adopt. A person’s sexuality should not determine whether or not the person can adopt a child who needs a home. Although the issue on lesbian and gay adoption is still very controversial, it has become more socially accepted. If the issue is accepted by the majority of the people why shouldn’t it be legal everywhere? From 1992-2014…show more content…
The main issue people seem to have with same-sex adoption comes from their religious views. Many Christian and Jewish scriptures emphasize the necessity of having both a male and a female role in a child’s life (Chittom and Wagner). Not everyone has the same religious views so why should that be a deterrent in same-sex adoption. Also, everyone in the United States has freedom of religion, so Christian or Jewish views should not be forced on someone. Another problem people seem to have is based on whether or not these same-sex couples are fit to adopt a child, but almost all unbiased studies show that these couples are just as fit as a hetrosexual couple would be (Driscoll and Alexander). There are no rules or tests for hetrosexual couples when having a child, so why should a homosexual couple be treated any differently? The last problem people have with same sex adoption is that children are already taught that children come from a mom and dad. People believe that children adopted by same-sex couples will be bullied because they have two parents of the same gender. This would be an easy problem to fix, with lesbian gay adoptions and families becoming so much more popular schools and other programs could easily teach both ways. Either way, children are eventually going to be exposed to these types of

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