Persuasive Essay On Gay Rights

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Have you ever thought of how others feel? Gay rights are refused by many states. Everyone deserves equality and to be heard. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The LGBTQ community is often the victim of bullying. They need love, acceptance, and legal rights.

To begin, bullying has been a concern of the LGBTQ community. Bullying is not something that should happen. Kids and teens will feel lost and wanting to commit suicide to themselves. They will feel like they don’t belong anymore. They get treated differently from the straight people. Many but not a lot hides their sexuality from being bullied like others. Young teens tend to get abused because of their sexuality( "ahrc.admin") Not many students feel safe at school because the rules aren’t set for them of not getting abused or bullied at school. On the other hand, if students don’t get bullied at school they get bullied online and name calling begins. That 's how it starts with suicide. They don’t think straight; they automatically think one thing like it’s the only thing to do which is suicide. The most bullying happens on school property and then online. LGBT people, but mostly trans are likely to be killed or brutality murdered, maybe even burned because of who they are. People judge of who they become.

In addition, love and acceptance became a problem as well. A lot of people did not accept the kids who were LGBT. Parents had trouble accepting their kids as well, but not only some families were

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