Persuasive Essay On Gender Inequality

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Many People don’t know how awful gender inequality is. People may think that it is being handled but its just spreading. Women don 't have as much rights as men do. Yes, it has been better than the old days, but its still atrocious in business and at home and in some countries, women can 't even walk outside without a man. This paper will be talking about when gender inequality started to happen, why genders can’t be equal, what will happen in the long run (will genders ever be equal?) and some solutions to help make genders equal. This all started off with hunters and gatherers influencing gender inequality, as the men did “man” labor such as hunting and gathering wood and doing all of the harder stuff away from home. the women had to be near the home at all times to do all of the easier things such as get water and cook dinner and clean. As it says on “men and women hunters and gatherers”, “Everywhere men hunt…show more content…
Some effects that happen are crucial for women mostly. Such as sexual harassment and paychecks and whos more likely to get applied for better jobs. Studies show that men are more likely to get better jobs and their paychecks are better than women’s by 20%. As it says on “one young world, we need solutions”, “17.5 percent less pay in Australia and 20% less in Hong Kong. to experience some form of sexual harassment or discrimination – over 28% of women…show more content…
to be overlooked for promotions or opportunities because of subtle gender bias about leadership aptitude. to take a career break or a less ambitious job because affordable childcare isn 't readily available in Australia, or because of traditional cultural expectations in Hong Kong where almost a quarter of women stop working when they get married.” This shows that women don’t have it as good as men when it comes to pay income, And when it comes to society. This also shows that society needs to make a change and make everyone equal no matter what their gender is or what they

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