Pros And Cons Of Genetic Cloning

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Modern technology has invaded our world by storm. Minute by minute, unique ideas pop in the mind of the people in this generation to build and create something new that will be helpful to us. These advancements had aid us in almost all of the tasks that we do every day. It may give us a lot of benefits but if they fell into the wrong hands, we may be facing a door leading to a place where harm and danger are the only things that exist. From the issues that we are having today, one of the most controversial is the proposition of having genetic cloning. According to Webster’s dictionary (2015), genetic cloning is the process in which a gene of interest is located and copied (cloned) out of DNA extracted from an organism. It means that it does not follow the natural reproduction process since you only need a sample of DNA from an organism which can be coming from different parts of the body such as hair, saliva and dead skin cells. The main goal of genetic…show more content…
Since,I think it is immoral to produce a clone especially with the kind of people who are living in this kind of society. If genetic cloning will be approved, I think that it will cause a great chaos to thenation. First of all, it will cause overpopulation. We know that our world cannot withstand more people because we are lacking the natural resources that will sustain the physiological needs of every individual. As said in the disadvantages, there can be identity crisis since we will not be able to know which is which and who the original one among all is. With these identity crisis, it will lead to destruction of families and other relationship conflicts such as a mother to her children, a friend to a friend and the like. I believe that the world can be a better place if we will stick on the natural process. Although, we know that it can provide us a lot of benefits, think about the negative effects that it can bring
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