Persuasive Essay On Genetic Engineering

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Genetic engineering is the solution to the worldwide plague of imperfection. Imperfection commences at childbirth. Genetic flaws and beauty standards torment parents when planning to conceive a family. Many parents tend to hyper-parent their children in order to obtain perfection (Sandel). Some young children may not be as smart as others, forcing the parents to pick up the slack. Parents must work overtime to make sure their moppet personifies the perfect child. It can be especially hard when they have disabilities. Beauty standards have always pressed parents to raise their children to become perfect. Some children fall behind others because their hair and skin color are undesirable. Parents already go through enough stress from work, relationships, and the encumbrance of their own looks, why should they have to deal with other imperfections in their life? If only there was a way to lift the burden of the parents’ duties to make the most quintessential child of all. Genetic engineering is the ideal method to weed out the second-rate children and give birth to a perfect generation. Genetic engineering is how children 's characteristics are artificially created to create a perfect child (Introduction to…”). It was first tested on food. Then slowly it was introduced to animals and humans. All people are striving for perfection and that is what genetic engineering can do for the world. It will not change anyone on the earth now, but it will perfect future generations.
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