Why You Should Get Paid For School Essay

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Do you want to get paid by a school just because you have a couple of A’s and B’s. Well if you thought, yes than you should reconsider. Even if you’re giving things for grades it won’t last for long, some kids already would want to learn from nature and parents are just putting their kids up for the stress. People say that giving money is good just to boost grades. Some schools even have teachers or principals paying their students. But at the end of this paragraph you might want to reconsider thinking about getting paid for grades.

First of all, giving things to kids just to raise a grade won’t last. This evidence was provided by the Huffington Post. They said ”giving a pair of beats headphones for children to boost a C to a B is artificial. Which might mean that giving something to boost a grade will work, but after that they will start to get bad grades or fail school. Kids can get good grades once you give them things, but that won’t be the case for ever. Kids grades can still go down even if you got them something to raise their grade yesterday. At the end, giving things to boost a grade won’t last because they might still fail.
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Some kids want to learn by them self because knowledge is its own reward. They get told that getting a better education means a better life so they try. A quote we found from two people Edward Deci and others say ”kids naturally desire to learn.”. Mostly kids want to learn naturally is because of them getting a better reward out of it in the end and doing it to better by furthering their knowledge. Some people even found that sometimes a non-paid student does better that a paid-student. This may be because that if you remove a reward to a paid-student then they will feel bad and do bad. But do this with a non-paid student and they won’t care and still do good. Now the thing that i’m trying to say is that kids are better off wanting to learn
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