Persuasive Essay On Global Food Crisis

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Remember the revolutions that swept the Middle East in 2011, they all began with people in the street upset over the price of food. What’s more many of the world's top agricultural experts believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg unless we figure out new strategies to deal with global food security. We may be entering a new and dangerous phase of human history where food water and energy shortages threaten not only worse poverty but also civic unrest and international conflict. There are a number of reasons for this alarm, the first reason is that in most years we produce only just enough food to cover uses. in fact in six of the last 11 years we actually consumed slightly more food then we produced and the buffer we take from one year to the next has been steadily falling so our system already seems pretty fragile ,but it's when we look into the future that things grow very dire indeed. Rising populations and are rich diets that take a lot more resources to produce than they used to are driving our demand for food up and scientists figure will need 50 percent more food by 2050 but producing this food is going to be hard this is because the rising demand is coming precisely at the same time as high energy prices and climate change are making food harder and more…show more content…
The stakes could not be higher, if we don't change how the world produces and distributes its food than the suffering in violence in the past few years will be repeated but a thousand times worse but luckily today we have climbed and demographic modeling software that are far more reliable .These models are quite clear, the years 2050-2080 are probably not going to be as productive as the ones between 1950 and 1980, but this doesn't necessarily mean disaster. We can avoid this nightmare and replace it with a vision of a world, where no one needs to starve. We have the solutions, all we need now is the will to act on
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