Global Warming And Climate Change Essay

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Global warming is an issue that we need to take serious action upon! It is an issue of global significance. The human race is causing Global warming due to its use of activities resulting in a rise in the temperature of the earth’s climate (Strickland, 2005). Every day there are more and more stories in the media about Global warming and the tragedies that follow. If we do not take immediate action against this issue, the world we live in will be open to an unwanted amount of change. These changes may include the earth’s temperature becoming hotter with the addition of small islands being swallowed by the ocean. This is due to the ice caps melting which in turn is causing the sea level to rise. There will also be a rise in the amount of storms, droughts and heat waves occurring all over the world. Another factor of change that will take place will be the extinction of climate sensitive animals. These would include the polar bear and penguin. It is our fault these changes are occurring and it is in our power to stop them. This climate change is due to how we abuse the production and use of energy that gives us heat, power, electricity and…show more content…
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have made a number of discoveries in relation to drought, storms and temperature (Grabianowski, 2005) are all as a result of the human population abusing fossil fuels and allowing harmful substances to enter our earth. The IPCC have observed that droughts are now lasting much longer and are not as small as those in the past. Cold days and nights are replayed by high temperatures and heat waves. Even though these scientists have not seen a rise in the number of tropical storms there is evidence of a growth in intensity. These results can lead to an increase in mortality across the world which should make us eager to put an end to this issue of Global Warming and to start taking action against
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