Persuasive Essay On Global Warming

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You’ve probably heard of “climate change” or “pollution” before, from conversations or news article, but have you really thought about it then? What do you really know about this problem? What is it that makes it so horrifying that people all over the world are concerned about? Let’s talk about it now. Climate change Climate change (or more commonly known as “global warming”) is an occurring event, in which the weather pattern is now different to the last pattern. This event usually last from decades to millions of years. The reason for this event is usually caused by solar radiation absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere, movement of the Earth’s upper mantle and crust, or eruptions of volcanoes. But, the main reason this is happening today is because of human activities. Since the Industrial Age and the Industrial Revolution until now, we have poured endless amounts of smoke, trash … into the air. That much toxic waste has now accumulated enough to change the entire world, forcing it to readjust. This not only affects us, but millions of other species as well, threatening life as we know it to end. Effects of climate change You might think that the weather changing is just a normal thing, but climate change is much worst. Animal to this day have adapted to its surroundings; for example, tropical birds have evolved to live in tropical forests. If that area’s climate is now colder, the birds will die since its immune system is weaker to cold diseases and its food sources
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