Persuasive Essay On Global Warming

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This problem means a lot for me because in Jordan and in the middle east and especially in Somalia and places that they really have drought in the middle east, and imagine if there is still less water increasing, we don 't have that many water bodies and it really gonna hurt us because global warming will increase the heat and less water so maybe that place won 't even have water supplies or the cost of water will be so much more so it is really a problem that we have to think about it because global warming always leads to another problem.

Global warming is a very major problem in the world in which we have to put an end to it because you don 't realize how much it hurts earth or what 's the future problems is gonna be, because if we don 't deal with this problem now, maybe other problems will show up due to this and even scientists can’t figure out what to do because people aren 't seeing this problem as serious but first we gotta know what 's global warming and how to solve it and what to do about it which I 'm gonna describe it in this essay. What is global warming and what factors affect it or contribute to it, over the last year we have seen growth in our global average temperature, but what is global warming, Global Warming is when the temperature gets increased by the daily activities that human do which produce a lot of carbon dioxide which is heat.

Well, we have to understand why is global warming occurring so global warming is when there is an increase

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