Persuasive Essay On Global Warming

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There are signs of it everywhere you look; warmer days, rising water levels and melting glaciers are all signs of global warming. However what is not clear is if it is a product of careless humans destroying the planet or just another part of the Earth’s heating and cooling cycle that has been happening since before humans came into existence. The Earth is warming up, and we need to know why if we are are going to stop it, or to know if we even need to.
The production of access greenhouse gases is something most researchers look at, and the basic concept is easy enough for the majority of people to understand because of the term “greenhouse”. However, David Evans has concluded after six years of research that greenhouse gases would not affect the world’s climate in the catastrophic ways that media might portray it. One example of a greenhouse gas would be mathane, according to Energy Weekly News, methane warms the planet 86 times what carbon dioxide does over the course of twenty years. A chemical that is more potent than carbon dioxide is troublesome because there is already such an abundance of carbon dioxide that the governments of the world have resorted to taxing large companies as an attempt to slow production on it or at least give them a motive to.
Methane is produced by cow farts and through the extraction of oil and natural gas, the production of which was regulated by the Obama Administration in 2016 according to Harder with the Wall Street Journal (Online).
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