Persuasive Essay On Gmo Foods

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Persuasive Essay

The government has a problem with putting GMO’s in their food to make it a lot bigger. This has been a problem for years and especially with chicken. Scientists say that GMO’s are safe, but until evidence is presented that it is safe be careful. GMO food shouldn’t be served to humans for the following reasons: they don’t provide the proper nourishment, they have been known to cause allergic reactions, and it’s unclear what is put into the food.

GMO food doesn’t give humans the proper nourishment. The reason why is GMo foods don't have the nutrients as real food or fruit that humans need. The nutrients in food is what you need but in GMO’s it could be filled with fillers. They inject the food with fillers to make it bigger s o your food isn’t natural. So be careful on what you eat.
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The food isn’t plant grown it’s made in a lab so it isn’t natural to the human body. Fruit isn’t naturally so the lab can make the fruit bigger to feed more people to feed. The human body needs natural nutrients everyday not food made in a lab. Why would you want something mad made in a lab?

GMO foods are likely to cause toxins and allergic reactions. Researches at the FDA have found out that eating GMO’s they are more likely to cause allergic toxic reactions. The reason why they would get allergic reactions because they might have something in the food they might be allergic to. So would you rather eat food that you’re not allergic to or something you might be allergic to?

Some people may believe that GMO foods could end world hunger, but what’s in it? It is not clear what’s put in the food. They put fillers inside the food such as cornstarch, hydrogenated soybean oil, maltodextrin, soy lecithin, GMO fed pork/beef gelatin some healthy but tell the citizens what you put in it. So why don’t you just eat something that you know what’s in
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