Persuasive Essay On Good Education

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the topic what is a good education to me a good education is when you have the ability to go to school everyday no matter if you 're black white male female you have the right to get an education how I define a good education is I believe that the united states has a good education system in the sense that anybody can go to school all the way up to high school I say that because in the order to continued a student education you have to pay for them years in college in the reason why we make it to graduate high school so you can go to college in land with a good job.

That’s the pros i think that comes with free college but here’s the cons i see if college was free everyone would go in the people that do i believe that no one would have any motivation to go because it’s free they would see it ask just going to bigger high school. In they might not try I feel like if we just have really good teachers more deans in the school in resource to help kids they might want
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All we need is people that believe that getting a better education is better for you in long run that’s the only way education is key. If we had more big companies putting more money into the schools people can start lowering the tuition this is starting plan if we start having way more funding into the schools though the government we would have a lot more kids trying to get into college.I read a survey on online in seen that some kids in college had a debate on this topic one kid that free college means high school all over again meaning many people would take college for granted if it was free because the way they act in high school saying they won 't be able to go to college because they act bad in high school. the student said college is for people who really do care about their
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