The Importance Of Google Maps

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his month Google Maps celebrates 10 years . This fantastic service from Google (without which many of us lose even more often) has spent a decade teaching us how to get from one place to another, how our neighborhood is a bird 's eye view, or how are the streets of cities that do not we have never visited.

But no matter how often you use Google Maps, either on the computer or mobile, there are always things that remain to be discovered . A little more hidden functions (but still useful) or mere curiosities that make this service something even more amazing - and more practical. So if you are someone who only uses Google Maps to look at routes and little more, check out this list and look at all what you can do with it.

1. Create your personal map

17 tricks Google Maps
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Become a Shining Path Google Maps

17 tricks Google Maps
If, contrary to the previous point, do not you care that your face is immortalized in Google Maps, you can join your program Street View Trekkers: a group of walkers who, loaded with a special backpack equipped with cameras and all the necessary technology, run through those corners of the world where the Google car can not reach. Currently they have already reached several places , the latest example of which is the Mont Blanc .

The program is aimed at specific groups such as tourist agencies, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and university or study groups, and occurs only in specific countries - among which is Spain. If you dare, you just have to fill out this form - and arm yourself with patience while waiting for a response.

Extra: What about the Easter eggs Google Maps?

Yes, he promised easter eggs in the holder and I have not forgotten. Several of those who have found trying things from Google Maps reference Pegman , which is like that little doll orange in the lower right corner of the map, you can drag and drop any area for direct access to Street View it is known - or failing that , to photos of the
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