Argumentative Essay: Graffiti Art And Freedom

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Graffiti the word in itself is really cool, coming from Greek origins, as that is where graffiti art found its name and stature. I always looked at these paintings, drawings and weird signatures on walls displayed in such a beautiful and colorful manner and it made me wonder on how anyone could do that with just spray paint. I remember being eight years old and visiting my home country Pakistan for the first time and visiting the old neighborhood where my grandmother lived and all around the place I found broken walls with graffiti art written in both Urdu and Pakistan, it made me pause and think for a while. That was the first time really that I thought about art and its beauty, the colors were so vivid and the longevity of the paint surprised…show more content…
To compare you can even say it is a form of social media in a real world, if it was to be legal then they would have the freedom to draw or leave a viewpoint on certain matters. Art in general should be shown to everyone and it’s just how a persons viewpoint on something differ compared to others. The controversies surrounding graffiti art has led to its downfall and I certainly disagree to the fact that it should be illegal to posses a talent. Yes, there is the idea that the wall or that the property belongs to someone but there has to be a way to let the anger out on certain matters and art is the most peaceful way of doing it compared to mobs and riots. Throughout doing the research for this presentation I loved it to bits, as I always wanted to look at the insights of graffiti art. I see it as the coolest or modern sense of art that exists in the world and as globalization is rising there is no certain country or region that should call art its property. Graffiti art in my opinion is actually a form of removing the labels off people instead of the idea that it possesses of “tagging”, in other words leaving behind a mark to claim an authority over someone

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