Climate Change Proposal

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Climate change is a maybe the most important challenge for our generation. We know that climate change is happening, this is a fact. It is time for people to be part of the solution, people who want to contribute with a more sustainable lifestyle related with green environment, carbon footprint reduction, energy efficiency.
As already mentioned, resource efficiency is a top priority in the SEE policy-making agenda, especially in light of excessive consumption of energy due to users/inhabitants established behavior, often uncontrolled waste production as well as lack of efficient coordination measures and awareness regarding how to use resources in a more conscious manner. The project therefore places municipality actors in SEE in focus and
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- Companies – they can support different climate change projects, reducing their carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency and for that be awarded with tax benefits and be recognized as company with Green2Day badge
All above stated groups will have benefit for their own goals. But, let’s pay more attention on people or inhabitants and who can be the target audience. Understanding the demographics of green consumers can help us explore the environmental market. Research has shown that green consumers:
• are sincere in their intentions, with a growing commitment to greener lifestyles;
• almost always judge their environmental practices as insufficient;
• do not expect companies to be perfect in order to be considered “green” and look more for companies that are taking important steps and have made a commitment to
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Idea is built around Green2Day platform, helping municipalities and cities to increase awareness about green environment and to boost its implementation. Joining the community platform users (both individuals and companies) can estimate their own energy efficiency and carbon footprint level, so called “green level”. Of course, this part should be done together with municipalities and with support of Electric power and Petrol companies, in terms of assessing monthly electricity consumption, municipal water consumption, waste management (sorting the waste), fuel consumption, usage of alternative means of transportation, paper usage (interesting for companies), usage of plastic bags and similar (list can be updated during time). Users can collect “green points” and increase their “green level” by improving in all above stated points (reducing energy resources consumption, sorting the waste, using more bicycle or foot, using municipality network of electrical vehicles, …) monthly, quarterly, yearly,… They set a new higher “green level” target, with higher the target, higher is the risk of achieving it and higher the benefit. Benefits are reduced tax, special electrical power fees, discounts for usage of municipality network of electrical cars and bikes, discounts for usage of public
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