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Have you ever walked on a beach and found it hard to walk without stepping on trash? More important how do you think Green Sea turtles are supposed to get to their nest if they can't crawl over the trash? Green Sea Turtles have been around longer than some dinosaurs. Most people don't think about this when they decide to leave the beach in a worse way then they found it. Humans do many harmful activities such as poaching eggs, constructing homes, and developing coastal areas. If humans don't start doing something about their harmful activities they could make the over 100 million year turtle go extinct. Most humans think that just because this does not involve them that it is not a serious matter. Green Sea Turtles numbers have been declining…show more content…
They will sometimes travel hundreds of miles to lay their eggs on the same beach where they were hatched. Green Sea Turtles mate every two to four years, and they can mate up to three to five times per season. When the females are ready to lay their eggs they climb onto shore where they dig a pit to lay their eggs. After they have laid their eggs they cover them up with sand and then go back into the ocean. Females lay anywhere from 100 to 200 eggs. Out of that many, only a few are destined to survive. It takes about 2 months for the eggs to hatch. When the eggs hatch they make the most dangerous journey of their life. They will be traveling from their nest to the sea. On the short journey many die along the way by getting eaten by crabs or flocks of…show more content…
For the first few years of their lives they just float at sea. They are omnivores when they are young. They feed on plankton, jellyfish, crabs and, other invertebrates. As they began growing they become strictly herbivores. Where their diet strictly is seagrass and algae. They move to bays and lagoons when they reach the age of 5. Rarely ever will you be able to observe a Green Sea Turtle in the middle of the ocean, just because they don't travel that far. They live on 80 countries all over the world. They live in all tropical

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