Persuasive Essay On Greyhound Racing

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Greyhound racing must be banned because it is cruel and brutal to the animal. When you go to the greyhound races you don't know what is really happening behind the scenes. What's really happening is live baiting, greyhound cruelty and greyhound exploitation. Do you know what your betting on?

Rabbits, possums and piglets. They're the hidden victims of the racetrack. Killed in the most brutal of ways, tied up, terrified and savagely mauled, all for what? So someones greyhound can win a foolish race? Live baiting is used in training greyhounds by binding the above animals. After several laps, rabbits with pieces torn from their bodies twitch and writhe in agony. Their spine-chilling screams ring out across the training track. Piglets are one of the most intelligent and sensitive of all species. Their futile squeals could be heard as their bodies were torn apart. Native possums are a protected species and are tied to lures and
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Tourism also makes a lot of money off the races which helps the economy. By supporting the economy greyhound racing allows Victoria to have nice roads, clean city and fun events for everyone not just those to greyhound racing. However the benefits of this doesn't out way the price that innocent animals must pay.

Therefore greyhound racing must be banned because of what happens behind the scenes such as live baiting, which used live animals and are flung to and fro around from place to place while getting shred to pieces. Greyhound cruelty is so bad that is could kill and this means literally the greyhounds could look great one minute but when on the track they trip and have to euthanised, And greyhound exploitation which is something that is not fair for the greyhound. Such as the dog has to run around a track all day but the owner gets the money, but it's not fair for the dogs. This is why greyhound racing must be

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