Persuasive Essay On Guantanamo Bay

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America is a place we call home and it should be kept for everyone to feel secure of our environment. The major tragedy that occurred in September, 11 2001. This event changed every ones view of the world by not knowing who the enemy is, or not being able to trust anyone around us. When the major event happened, it sent out a message about the attack all over the world. The United States now lives in fear of enemies. These terrorists that deserve to be sentenced in a jail away from everyone they have caused harm to. Overall the ideal place for people who have caused harm to others should be away from our country. That is why I believe Guantanamo Bay is the perfect place for them to be. If they are deported back to their country they…show more content…
We cannot continue to have further threats in the future. By remaining to have this facility open it decreases the chances of attacks, and by interrogating them help others learn about what they are capable of doing and what was on their minds. There are a total of 2,418,352 jails in the United States excessively increasing over the years. Instead of having Guantanamo Bay closed, they should be working on finding a way of closing down jails by releasing detainees with minor crimes. The people that have minor crimes can be penalized other ways, such as paying tickets and having community service hours. There are police officers taking care of these jails instead of monitoring the streets in every city. The following reasons are enough evidence to not have Guantanamo Bay closed down. As a country we have to think about what their people would do to our soldiers if we attack them and detained the person responsible for it they would be dead. We have witnessed many soldiers assassinated by the enemies. They don 't feel sorrow for the lives we loose on daily basis the least we can do is put them in a jail where they can serve their time. After all I believe in humanity but also in
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