Persuasive Essay On Guinea Pigs

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Are you looking for a new addition to your pet family? Do you want something smaller than a dog, but larger than a fish? Then guinea pigs are perfect for you! Guinea pigs are a great pet for all age groups and love to snuggle and play.

1. It is very hard to choose your new furry friend.
Even though most guinea pigs look the same except for hair color and length, it is so tough choosing your new furry friend. When you first come to the pet store all the guinea pigs are running around begging for attention. When you spot one you like, another one runs up and into your heart. When I was at the pet store, if my mom wasn’t there with me, I probably would have bought all of the guinea pigs at that store.

2. Guinea pigs can rack up your bank account.
Guinea pigs are a reasonable $20.00 to start you off with, but unless you used to own a previous small animal, you’d need to purchase a cage, bedding/chips, food, hay, a food bowl, a water bottle, and possibly a house. Then about every month, you got to go back and buy more food, hay, and bedding to give them more food and clean their cages. About $50 dollars are spent every month on guinea pigs.

3. Guinea pigs are a mess
Guinea pigs can get so excited and popcorn (mini jumping) causing their bedding and food to start building up in
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When you walk through the door, they will squeak, when you walk up the stairs, when you open the fridge, or when they hear any bag crackle. Every guinea pigs squeak are different, but can still get on your nerves. My guinea pig Dave squeaks a long and loud shrill and Pete, has short staccato squeaks. The only time that guinea pigs are wonderful at controlling their inner squeak is at night. Somehow guinea pigs are like dogs. They know when everybody is quiet, they should be quiet. At least that's what my guinea pigs are like! Being nocturnal it depends on the guinea
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