Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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doubt which party stands for what and they use gun control as a large part of their campaign to win but as of right now it appears the Rublicans are in the lead. Sportsman of the United States are also avid supporters of guns. They help park services to maintain and manage wildlife populations. My mom has spoken many times of how “if they couldn’t have hunted that they wouldn’t have had much on their table to eat (s. negaard).” They counted on hunting season to hunt deer and elk to help feed all their kids. Without guns they wouldn’t have had this. Guns have been a way of life for many families to survive (s. negaard). Another large part of the gun control debate is teenagers with guns. Most citizens think that teenagers could be very dangerous, probably because of their maturity level. This goes back to it’s not the gun it’s the teenager (aninking). If they are probably trained in safety technique, then there are no problems with guns. They may think that they will just go around killing people for no apparent reason. I agree that a lot of teens and even younger kids are very curious about guns and maybe that they are toys but the facts show that they don’t really run around killing people. There have been many studies on this. One of those studies was done by the United States Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and delinquency Prevention, adults who allow their teenagers to get guns at an early age from them don’t commit gun crimes at all. On the other side, those teenagers that …show more content…

Because people can have guns to defend themselves, millions and millions have been able to save their own lives. Guns in the hands of the wrong people are bad. Criminals should not have access to guns but the civilians who are educated and use them for the right purposes, whether self-defense, work, sporting events, livelihood, should have full access to

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