Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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This is a persuasive essay on the subject of gun control and whether citizens should be able to carry guns in public. It is discussed that guns should be permitted because previous incidents where people did not have protection against other members of society led to numerous fatalities. Guns would benefit society on the basis of self defense. It is also discussed of the ways to help regulate gun control such as background checks and other actions that could be taken. The cost of gun violence is soaring and a way to monitor that is to adapt better gun laws for citizens Law enforcement is there to protect us but sometimes things need to be handled instantly and having to wait on them can present a bigger problem. Providing safety for yourself and loved ones is the main focus of gun control because no one wants to travel anywhere not knowing that they will be completely safe.

San Bernardino, California. Charleston, South Carolina. Newton, Connecticut. These are all locations that will forever be embedded in our minds. These areas were the site of some of the most deadliest mass shootings in the country. Each circumstance left many injured, murdered, and heart broken. Individuals questioned security within their own communities and felt the need to provide protection for themselves. Since 2000, gun sales have soared from 600,000 to 2 million guns sold every month (Aisch, 2015). Safety is a primary goal for the general public and gun owners. One has the safety of their loved
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