Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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In 2017 alone, approximately 16,000 people were killed by firearms in the United States, a three percent increase from last year (Wolf). Gun control in the United States has been an issue for many years regarding the most logical way to make guns less of the threat to civilians. Many argue for a complete ban on any and all guns while many others believe in stricter regulations and background checks to ensure only those who should have a gun can get one. The issue of gun control in the United States should be addressed in a way that will actually see change as well as keep people safe. While gun control has little noticeable benefits, there are some points to mention. One of those points being that if one could find a way to actually ban guns and get rid of them so that no one anywhere could have access to a firearm, murder rates as well as maybe even crime would decrease simply because guns make it so much easier to do both of those things. Guns are dangerous and used in the wrong hands can bring destruction to anyone unlucky enough to be involved, including whoever is using the gun. The idea of Gun Control and what it means can vary widely, with big issue being what it would actually accomplish, if anything. One thing to consider with gun safety in mind is that in Chicago, Illinois, which has the most strict laws in the whole of the entire country, has the highest percentage of gun violence in the whole of the United States (Stell). The city with some of the
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