Gun Control Good Or Bad Essay

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There have been so many gun incidents in the this world ours , we still don’t have a type of law for gun control policies, and there should be. There are about 100,000 Americans killed each year by guns. If the Congress could just lay some type of control on guns right now, we can save many lives from being in danger, stop all the school shootings, and have a better, more safe life. Gun policies can help lower crime rate and stop children and irresponsible adults from getting guns. Having a gun control laws can help save more lives in this world and stop having families suffer in pain because a mental man had killed a member that belongs to their family. The more we are still letting guns be legal to everybody, the more crime rates will increase,…show more content…
These killings are just making the United States look bad and we aren’t doing thing to help this situation. But just sending them jail for life and calling them ill. Like i thought we were suppose to be the role model where we try to keep everybody safe and just have a safe community. It’s so many reasons of why having gun control policies is a good thing. Probably 10 times more than why we shouldn’t have it. It’s safe in all types of reasons. If you really think you really need to keep yourself defended at all times, then you should take the test or some form of test to get privileges to use the gun when needed to. Which will lets us know that you are responsible and have the right to have guns without handing it. Because mostly people who have a weapon usually hides from the police so they don’t get caught. Which in other words, are job is to make police jobs much easier instead of causing them a lot more drama and a lot more work for them trying catch someone that don’t need weapons. We can make every body job much easier especially for markets, self own gas stations, schools, etc.. They can. Have a better and safer job knowing there chance of getting robbed or shot is low. So they don’t have to worry as
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