Argumentative Essay: Is It Safe To Own A Gun?

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For the 18th time, only 47 days into 2018, there has been an act of gun violence within a school. Yes, you heard me right, within a SCHOOL BUILDING. From events like this, the country breaks up into three groups: those who believe the country is safer because of people who carry guns on them, people who hate guns and think they should be completely outlawed, and those who think it’s okay to own guns, but laws and regulations need to be put into place on what kinds of guns can be purchased, and who can make those purchases. I work to understand each side of the ongoing debate, but I always catch myself falling back to the same questions. Would these gunmen carry the same capabilities without owning this gun?

After 17, completely innocent people lost their lives just 3 days ago for simply going to school, I don’t understand how anyone could believe that a change doesn’t need to be made. As I think of scenarios like these, I won’t lie, I fill with loads of nerves and questions. We all think that when we wake up in the morning and head off to school,
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In each of these shooting events, many people lost their lives to a person with a weapon. Each event we have done the same thing; go through stages of shock, tried to say we will make it stop, and then done nothing to stop it. Our country is changing, but our laws are failing to comply to these changes. And as we sit here as a divided country during times like these, it comes into realization we can’t take action like this. Guns are like drugs, even if we make certain kinds illegal, people can still find ways to get them, I understand that. But, that doesn’t mean we can sit back and do nothing. Gun rights are one thing, but that doesn’t come with a right to kill people. But what is a right is to go out in public and not have to fear being
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