Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Gun control has been a big factor in today’s society, now days it is often to see people getting their lives taken from them due to guns. Having researched one side of the issue, that gun violence had increased over the last year. Having researched the other side of the issue, more gun owners are feeling their rights are being taken little by little. There is no question this is a complicated issue that will require a complicated answer. Due to the black market on guns, anyone can acquire one without a background check. Despite current laws towards purchasing guns, there will always be someone going around the law to purchase a gun. However, if you go to a local gun store you will need a full background check to purchase a gun. The history of gun control started in 1938, when President Roosevelt won the approval of the national firearms act. ‘In the late 1980s, gun control groups realized that they had failed in their original goal—getting handguns banned—and began campaigning against semi-automatic firearms they called "assault weapons," most of which are rifles’(“A ban on assault weapons would not reduce crime”). From 1994 to 2004, the Federal Assault Weapons (F.D.A) banned semi automatic weapons from having more than 10 rounds. The easiest way to define gun control is by saying it a government regulation sale of any type of handgun, or assault rifle. It’s just a certain style the government sales firearms, if you have a criminal background or criminal history you are not

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