Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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Since the end of the cold war, we have been in turmoil by the terrorist attack because of the ease to get a gun in this country. As known little by little this has become a big dilemma in the United States, but why? The domestics terrorist attack that has been happening in the United States, this is something that the citizens have to pay more attention to this issue since now citizens walk through the streets horrorized and trepidation because of the attacks with guns happening in these days, this will depend if they will see the next day. A lot of the terrorist attack that has happened in the United States it seems that the terrorist or gunman had more than one gun or weapon. Throughout the years the United States has been decided about if they should allow the use of guns in our society. Clearly, it has been demonstrated that the massive use of guns had only brought chaos and many innocent deaths in the society. Some vast examples are terrorism and the massive shootings. Hence they must create laws to control this dilemma that is only affecting the citizens. Through the years a lot of innocent people have been dead since the number of guns that citizens are allowed to get and have it in the United State. This issue was not common if the United States implemented more laws that will prevent people get guns to eradicate massacre like the Vegas mass shooting and prevent suicide, since that even teenagers in those days have guns in her hands and that 's the main reason

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